national support
The Russian Government considers the promotion of Ekaterinburg as a candidate for hosting EXPO 2025 a high-priority national task,
fully corresponding to the country's long-term goals to be reached by 2025 and afterwards.
The political system of Russia caters for stability, which is a vitally important factor for organizing and hosting such world-class mega-events as a World Expo. Representative constitutional democracy in the country guarantees basic rights and freedoms aimed to stimulate personal and social development of all citizens of Russia.
The Federal Government pays close attention to creation of an atmosphere that will facilitate multi-faceted development and thus further strengthen promising national economic outlooks. The stable political situation in the country is one of the reasons why Russia has been going through the period of prosperity and stability since 1991.
Participation in the bid for the right to host EXPO-2025 (and, should this right be awarded, organising and hosting this exposition) will strengthen further the positive image of Russia, as it will confirm the commitment given by the Russian Government at all levels to entirely support Ekaterinburg as a candidate host city for World EXPO 2025 in Russia.
There is no probability that current or eventual political events can negatively affect Ekaterinburg's participation in the bid, or the organizing and hosting the event itself (if the city is granted this honour).
The Government of the Russian Federation openly supports Ekaterinburg as a bidder in the competition for the right to organize and host EXPO-2025. Ekaterinburg's nomination corresponds to the Long-term Development Strategy approved by the Federal Government for the period till 2025, and to the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Sverdlovsk Region for 2016−2030 and Ekaterinburg Strategic Development Plan till 2020.
All the parties represented in the State Duma of the Russian Federation have declared their full support of both Ekaterinburg as the host city and the exhibition itself. Representatives of all the parties, including the opposition ones, believe that Ekaterinburg has chosen the right moment to apply for its participation in the bid, because this fact will facilitate further economic growth of Russia. The Federation Council, being the representative body of entities of the Russian Federation, also supports the nomination of the city and hopes that World Expo Ekaterinburg 2025 will strengthen the position of Russian regions in general and the Sverdlovsk Region in particular.
The Federal Council believes that holding the event in Ekaterinburg will be beneficial for all the countries, companies and participants attending World Expo-2025 and will lead to mutually beneficial global communication.
Regional and local support
The initiative to participate in the bid for the right to host World EXPO-2025 has come from the Sverdlovsk Region and its Governor, Mr. Evgeny Kuyvashev. This proves unconditional support for the application at all regional levels. Evgeny Kuyvashev confirmed full governmental support for EXPO-2025 and stated in his report to the members of General Assembly of the BIE that this application is a high-priority task not only for all residents of the Urals and Ekaterinburg, but also for the Russian state in general.

All local authorities fully support the idea of hosting EXPO 2025, both during the application review period and, should it meet with success, during the work of the Organizational Committee. Continuity of decision-making at all government levels will guarantee constant support for structures at the local level.

Evgeny Kuyvashev
Governor of Sverdlovsk region
Support from Youth and Academic Environment
The idea of EXPO-2025 and its theme (CHANGING THE WORLD: INNOVATIONS AND BETTER LIFE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS) have received complete support from our major scientific, research and educational institutions.
The project has also found considerable support of the Russian academic environment. Its representatives believe that hosting the exhibition will be an invaluable opportunity for Russian companies and universities to expand their international relations.

Ekaterinburg universities play a key role in the Russian education system by the skills and knowledge of their graduates (especially those who become part of the Russian management system). As for their popularity and achievements, universities of Ekaterinburg only lose a few points to universities of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
Today Ekaterinburg has more than
State higher education establishments counting over 121,000 students
Industrial scientific and research institutions
33 000
staff members are involved in research and development
The Ural Federal University and Ural State University of Economics, two of the biggest and most respected educational institutions in the Ural Federal District, have declared their full support for the application on behalf of all their faculty and students.They also emphasize the fact that the majority of them are ready to take part in the work of EXPO-2025 as volunteers.

Several projects aimed at meeting the needs of the city are already in progress. These projects include setting up an application-oriented science and research centre (which will be the largest in the country) at the Ural Federal University, organising expert and consulting centres with the help of Ural Federal University, and creation of a centre for exchange of machine design technologies.