national support
The World Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg candidacy is a national priority for the Russian Government,
perfectly aligned with its long-term goals for the country through 2025 and beyond.
Russia's political system offers the stability needed for hosting world-class mega-events such as the World Expo. The country's representative constitutional democracy provides fundamental rights and freedoms to further the personal and social development of all Russian citizens.
The Federal Government has carefully created an atmosphere that encourages growth in every sense reinforcing the already strong national economic outlook. Russia has a stable political environment, which is one of the reasons for Russia's prosperity and stability since 1991.
This candidacy and, if awarded, hosting of Expo 2025 will reinforce Russia's image, confirming that all levels of government in Russia have pledged their unwavering and official support to Ekaterinburg's bid to host World Expo 2025.
No current or future political developments can in any way affect this candidacy or Russia's ability to host the event if Ekaterinburg is awarded the honor.
The Government of the Russian Federation explicitly supports Ekaterinburg's Candidacy for Expo 2025, which is aligned with the Federal Government's Vision 2025 strategy, as well as the Sverdlovsk Oblast's social and economic strategy 2016–2030 and Ekaterinburg's 2020 development strategy.
All parties in the Russian State Duma have expressed their full support for the Candidacy and the Expo itself. All the deputies, including the opposition, believe that the Ekaterinburg bid is extremely timely and will contribute to enhancing Russia's economic growth. The Federation Council, the representative chamber of the Russian regions, also supports the candidacy and expects World Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg to strengthen the positions of the regions in general and the Sverdlovsk Oblast in particular.
The Council believes this will bring benefits to all countries, companies and participants of World Expo 2025 and will establish a constructive global dialogue.
Regional and local support
The initiative to take part in the World Expo 2025 bid comes from and is driven by the Sverdlovsk Oblast and its governor Evgeny Kuyvashev, underlining its unfettered regional support at all levels. Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev has confirmed the full governmental support of Expo 2025 by telling the delegates of the General Assembly of the BIE that the bid is a priority for the entire Russian state, all citizens of the Urals and all residents of Ekaterinburg.

All local political bodies fully support Expo 2025, both throughout the bidding phase and, should the candidacy be successful, during the Organising Committee stages. The continuity of decision-making processes at all government levels ensures that local-level structures will be supported at all times.

Evgeny Kuyvashev
Governor of Sverdlovsk region
Youth and educational support
The concept and theme of Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg — "Changing the World: Innovations & Better Life for Future Generations" — is unanimously supported by key scientific, research and educational institutions.
Russian educational communities also provide a significant level of support for this project. They feel it is a great opportunity for both companies and universities in Russia to grow their international ties.

Ekaterinburg's universities are at the forefront of Russian education in terms of proficiency of their graduates, particularly those who enter the Russian administrative system. In terms of popularity and achievements, the universities of Ekaterinburg are only surpassed by those in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
Ekaterinburg is home to over
state institutions for higher education, with student population exceeding 121,000.
Industrial scientific-research institutes
33 000
people engaged in research and development.
The Ural Federal University and the Ural State University of Economics – the largest and most respected educational institutions in the Ural Federal District – have expressed their full support for the bid on behalf of all professors and students, and would like to emphasize that most of them are eager to take part in Expo 2025 as volunteers.

Several projects are already under development to meet the city's needs. These projects include creating Russia's largest research centre for applied sciences at the Ural Federal University, competence centres established as part of the Ural Federal University and a centre for technology transfer in the field of machine engineering.