Building a long-lasting legacy is a fundamental principle of World Expos
Every city hosting the Expo takes on this great responsibility, heightened by the worldwide attention that a mega-event like this captures.
EXPO 2025 will create a unique set of environmental, social and economic legacies that can change our community, region and nation forever. EXPO 2025 Ekaterinburg offers a great opportunity for Russia as a country and Ekaterinburg as the host city. Innovations transform the world and contribute to the economic wealth of humankind, so the legacy of World EXPO 2025 Ekaterinburg will define the future technological landscape.
Our Theme "Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations" will bring about major improvements in the social, economic and structural life of the city, region and country.
This legacy will also extend beyond the borders of Russia, as the lessons of EXPO 2025 will be shared and implemented worldwide. The legacy of best practices built upon the universal dialogue under EXPO 2025 will serve future generations both in Russia and around the world.

The region and Ekaterinburg are united in their commitment to preserve the region's diverse ecosystem for future generations, as they have agreed on a set of ecological standards to establish a new benchmark of excellence in sustainability and set an example for future generations in Russia.
World EXPO 2025 Ekaterinburg has adopted a range of sustainability principles and practices for the development and operation of EXPO 2025.
Preference will be given to suppliers and service providers that actively follow and display Ekaterinburg's environmental commitment.

Prospective suppliers will have to comply with strict environmental standards.
All of them should meet the zero-waste target and make sure that recovery and recycling of any excess packaging meets the minimum 2025 standards established by the European Union's 2008 Waste Framework Directive. We will assess all supplied materials, products and services, as well as their development and delivery methods, based on their environmental impact throughout the lifecycle.
World Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg will rely almost entirely on renewable energy, making a particular emphasis on clean energy wherever feasible.
EXPO 2025 Ekaterinburg will help the city improve the environmental quality of the urban area and raise awareness of the importance of being sensitive to the region's environment.
The Legacy of EXPO 2025
will include:
Multifunctional Urban District
The legacy of the Expo 2025 site will be a vibrant mixed-use urban district with a variety of business, retail, residential and educational functions. By creating the Expo Park we will encourage the development of an attractive multi-use district for city dwellers and visitors alike.
the Quality of Life
Located near the city centre, the Expo site is incorporated into the city's master development plan, which includes a range of initiatives for improving the overall quality of life in Ekaterinburg.
An Expanded
Transportation System.
The wide and modern roads, which will serve as pedestrian routes during Expo 2025, will later become extensions to the city's streets. Our plan also includes extensive development of an expanded urban transport system.
EXPO 2025 Ekaterinburg will have a massive transformational impact on the infrastructure of the entire region, unifying the support and accelerating the pace of project development and implementation. Expo 2025 itself represents a greater stake for the local, regional and national population.
There is no doubt that the project of Expo 2025 is the quintessence of many important legacies of Ekaterinburg 2025, the greatest one being perhaps the unprecedented accumulation of knowledge and best practices drawn from the world community. Through collaboration, the participants will address major global issues in the diverse realms of creativity, innovation, commerce, culture and human well-being. Expo 2025 will help kick off a dialogue of unequalled scope and inclusiveness, and, based on that, we will deliver the most comprehensive insights into the impact of Innovation and innovative solutions in all spheres of life around the globe.