Expo 2025 visitors will come to Ekaterinburg from all over the world,
with 14 million people expected to visit the event.
The proposed 500-hectare World Expo site is situated in the western part of Ekaterinburg, just 3 km from the city centre and close to the symbolic border between Europe and Asia, which lies within the city. The Expo Site will house 103 pavilions, with 147 countries expected to participate.
We chose the site due to its close location to the city centre, ensuring its infrastructural availability and accessibility. The site's landscape highlights the Urals' distinctive colours and splendid natural surroundings, adjoining the Verkh-Isetsky pond to the north and a rolling forest to the west. To the east and south, the site borders residential areas and the city infrastructure.
According to the city's general development plan, the area will undergo active development. The site's southern part, adjoining the Novomoskovsky highway and the Metallurgov street, will be developed using cutting-edge construction technologies.
In particular, we will build residential buildings, waterfront leisure and entertainment facilities, a major community and business centre, a sports complex and a park. More residential buildings will appear at the extension of the existing Tatishchev and Kraulia streets.
The community and business zone adjoins the Small Ring motorway, which will be extended along a planned bridge over the Verkh-Isetsky pond. The pavilions for the Exhibition's participants will be spread throughout the Site, regardless of their size, architectural features or geography, interspersed with squares for hosting various entertainment events, recreation zones, restaurants and commercial spaces.

Different types of pavilions will be built depending on their purpose.
During the Exhibition, we will be arranging all kinds of entertainment, cultural and recreational activities at newly-built venues around the embankment, the main ones being the Amphitheater, the Concert Hall, the Expo Arena and the Multimedia Playground & Cinema.
Staging this high-profile and innovative international event required to run smoothly means ensuring the best, distraction-free experience for its participants and visitors.
Ekaterinburg will provide all visitors with world-class accommodation, which will become a sustainable social legacy for generations of citizens after the end of World Expo 2025.
An expo village will be built next to the exhibition site to accommodate all the visitors, especially during peak times towards the end of the exposition. It will in fact open its doors to World Expo 2025 visitors from all over the world even before the event starts. After it ends, the housing will become part of Expo's long-lasting legacy and home to citizens of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.