Ekaterinburg will be welcoming EXPO-2025 visitors from across the globe
Based on initial estimates,
the exposition is going to draw nearly 14M people.
The 555-ha site proposed to host the EXPO 2025 will be located in the western part of Ekaterinburg – about 3 km from downtown, close to a border that runs through Ekaterinburg separating the European and Asian parts of Russia. The site will accommodate a total of 103 pavilions. The Ekaterinburg EXPO 2025 is expected to feature as many as 147 different countries from around the globe.
The choice of site was based on proximity to downtown and, accordingly, to major items of infrastructure and the transportation system. The area is distinguished for picturesque scenery, so characteristic of the Ural nature. In the north, it borders on Upper Iset Pond, while in the west it is contiguous to gently sloping forest-covered hills, and east and south of it there are residential districts and urban infrastructure facilities.
The city development master plan envisages a dedicated effort to develop the district. Its southern part, which abuts the Novo-Moskovsky Highway and Metallurgists Street, will be developed using the latest cutting-edge construction technology for erecting residential homes and beautifying the shoreline for leisure and recreation purposes.
There are plans to build here a large cultural and business complex with a sports centre, and develop a park. An expansion of the Tatishchev and Kraul streets will provide the basis for the development of new residential blocks. The public and business areas neighbour on the Minor Ring high-speed trunk highway, which will be extended via a bridge planned to be built over Upper Iset Pond.
The pavilions where the exposition participants will be staying will be positioned evenly throughout the site, regardless of size, architectural characteristics, or geographic affiliation. They are grouped in such a way that there will be spaces between them that will be used for all manner of recreation activities, leisure areas, restaurants, and other foodservice and shopping outlets. The choice of what type of pavilion to build will be based on decisions regarding a facility's end purpose.

Numerous activities of various kinds will be held during the entire course of the event, including recreational, cultural, and fitness-related events.
There are plans to develop a set of entertainment areas along the quay. Some of the key places to hold entertainment activities include an amphitheatre, a concert hall, the EXPO-Arena, as well as a multimedia playground and a movie theatre
Organizing a highly efficient, progressive, and innovative world-level event as part of the EXPO 2025 will enable most of the participants and visitors taking a lot of positive experience out of it, while ensuring a distraction-free environment. With visitor comfort in mind, the city will ensure everyone a world-class stay in keeping with their needs and wishes.
Each newly-erected residential facility intended for a short stay during Ekaterinburg World EXPO 2025 will initially serve as a place to accommodate the event's visitors and participants, while afterwards these properties will be transformed into a new virtuous social and economic heritage for the nation's future generations to benefit from.
The Expo village will be built in the vicinity of the expositions site for the purpose of accommodating the visitors, which may take on special relevance on peak days around the time of the event's conclusion. It will be receiving visitors from around the world throughout the duration of Ekaterinburg EXPO 2025. As an integral part of the Expo's lasting heritage, the newly-built residential facilities, which will first open their doors to the event's guests shortly before its kick-off, will afterwards be put to use as part of a program on providing Sverdlovsk Region residents with quality housing.