What problems can be solved by innovations?
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Our theme Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations
Accessible technologies
Advanced technologies that will shape the future and provide solutions for improving the quality of life. Accessible laboratory of the latest technologies with a wide range of applications: science, business, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, transport, communications, security, etc.
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New Reality
Opportunities and prospects for digitalization of industry, business, education, health care and economy as a whole. Improvement of life quality with the help of ICT, IoT, big data analytics, robotization, AI, blockchain.
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Human progress
Expansion of relevant knowledge about scientific and technical progress. Education, sport and creative thinking in the context of global trends.
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Shared Future
Understanding the changes that determine the picture of the future world in the next 35 years. Global challenges of the humanity, as well as solutions that will determine the socioeconomic, ecological and political vision of the future world.
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Milestones Expo 2025

June 14th 2017
National Bid submission
November 2017
BIE General Assembly
April 2018
BIE Inspection visit to Ekaterinburg
June 2018
BIE General Assembly
November 2018
BIE General Assembly

Why us?

Ekaterinburg is the fourth largest Russian city, located at the crossroads of major transportation arteries connecting Asia and Europe.Read more

Host Country

Spanning 11 time zones and two continents, Russia provides an immense space for both numerous nationalities and cultures. It is often called a bridge between the East and the West.
Bordering the Arctic Ocean in North Asia and extending from Europe — west of the Urals — to the North Pacific Ocean, Russia is the largest country in the world. A territory of 17 million square kilometers is home to the world's 9th largest population, at 146,8 million people, 190 ethnic minorities and 127 languages.


Territory EXPO 2025. Master Plan
Ekaterinburg 2025
Territory EXPO 2025. Master Plan
Legacy EXPO 2025
City of Future 2025


Creating sustainable legacies is a fundamental commitment on the part of the Universal Expositions.Read more


Expo 2025 visitors will come to Ekaterinburg from all over the world, with 14 million people expected to visit the event.Read more