Expo 2025

Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations

Why us?

Ekaterinburg - the fourth largest city of the Russian Federation, located at the crossroads of major transportation arteries connecting Asia and Europe.


Our mission for Expo 2025 is to provide an international forum for global debate and dialogue, where participating countries, organisations and companies can present their ideas about challenges and opportunities of innovation impact worldwide.

The World Exposition is perhaps the only significant opportunity for international audiences to explore universal challenges pertaining to our mutual development while preserving our planet.


  • - June 14th, 2017, National Bid submission
  • - November 2017, BIE General Assembly
  • - March 2018, BIE Inspection visit to Ekaterinburg
  • - June 2018, BIE General Assembly
  • - November 2018, BIE General Assembly and Final Voting


The largest city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ekaterinburg is both the capital and administrative center of the region. Located 1,667 kilometers from Moscow, Ekaterinburg is the industrial, mining, transportation and cultural epicenter located between two continents – Europe and Asia. Throughout its rich history, the Sverdlovsk Region has been one of the country’s major centers of science, industry and infrastructure, Russia’s leading regions in terms of mineral resources supply and one of the country’s major centers of science and culture, Ekaterinburg is the heart of the infrastructure, economic system and a significant inter-regional center of social development of the Eurasia.




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EXPO 2025 Russia Organizing Committee first session 29.09.2017

EXPO 2025 Russia Organizing Committee first session...

The first ever Ekaterinburg EXPO 2025 Organizing Committee session was held in The Government House in Moscow on Friday, 29th of September. The chairman of the Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich stated: “We are tasked with a very crucial and grand-scaled project, and have to demonstrate not only our commitment, coherence and distinct cooperation, but also creative capacity”.

Russian Federation delivers EXPO 2025 Dossier to the BIE 21.09.2017

Russian Federation delivers EXPO 2025 Dossier to the BIE ...

On Thursday afternoon in Paris, Russian Federation submitted its Dossier to the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) for the city of Ekaterinburg to host World Expo 2025. The Ceremony was attended by the delegation of the Russian Federation, which consisted of Evgeniy Kuyvashev, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region and Svetlana Sagaidak, the Head of Ekaterinburg EXPO 2025 Bid Committee, who handed the Document to Dimitri Kerkentzés, the Deputy Secretary General of the BIE.

Putin: "The experience of INNOPROM will certainly help to hold EXPO 2025 at the most highest level, if such is entrusted to our country." 09.07.2017

Putin: "The experience of INNOPROM will certainly he...

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian city of Ekaterinburg, which hosts INNOPROM, an international industrial exhibition, will be able to successfully organize the EXPO 2025 if wins the competition to host the event.

Ekaterinburg World Expo 2025 presents its vision to the BIE 14.06.2017

Ekaterinburg World Expo 2025 presents its vision to the B...

Ekaterinburg and other four countries seeking to organize World Expo 2025 presented their Expo projects to the 161st General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) on 14 June 2017.